Flappy Bird

Jakarta - Android and iOS Users sudden fondness middle game Flappy Bird . This game is simple but very ' annoying ' to be played . But still, there really tips and tricks.

As perceived by detikINET . Two to three minutes of play , detikINET penah could not get the score to 5 . Fortunately, in the next minute the score can move up , and keep going up .

The main difficulty lies in seeking to avoid the rhythm of green pipes . And if it is discovered the pattern , then the players need a strong thumb stamina to get the highest score .

DetikINET highest achievement is to play with the score reaches 52 , it was already quite tiring and makes hands feel numb thumb .

Well , for those of you who might be curious about the tips and tricks of Mojod quoted on Wednesday ( 02/05/2014 ) , this can be useful so that you can menggaoai highest score and show it off to friends .

1 . Play with Bigger Screen

While it may achieve a high score by using a smartphone is quite impressive , but it will make your thumb sore . Try switching to a larger screen

The large screen like the iPad and Android tablets can provide a greater opportunity also to achieve a higher score . Because the angle of the screen and tapping a broader thumb too .

2 . Beware of Short Pipes

Entering in the pipeline that is not too short may be quite easy , you just press one to two beats with the rhythm a bit sluggish .

However, when switching from a high pipe to pipe short , you need to do is knock knock one finger between the two quickly , then go back a little fast for the third knock .

3 . Do not Blink

Looks silly indeed . However , that's what you should do when you're playing this game Flappy Bird . You need a high concentration .

Well , one way is to rarely do berkosentarasi flicker from one pipe to another pipe that has the ' steepness ' sharp
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