Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi

Sochi, Russia - a shelter is supported by Russian billionaire , is committed save here in a frantic last attempt to start hundreds of stray animals in front of a death sentence for the Olympic Winter Games .

Already there are hundreds of animals killed , with the local authorities seem to want to deal before the opening ceremony Friday by the road.

Although authorities say that to be wild and dangerous dogs , made ​​his reports on the systematic slaughter by a pest removal company by the government in recent months , animal advocates are outraged and threw a terrible specter over the traditional festive atmosphere of the games.

The handling of the case was significantly lower than the image of a friendly , welcoming Russian President Putin has sought to cultivate in recent months .

"We were told , " Either you take all the dogs from the Olympic Village , or we will send them to shoot , " Olga Melnikova said that coordinates the rescue of a charity called Volnoe Delo (coarse, goodwill) funded by Oleg V. is Deripaska , one of Russia's oligarch billionaire.
"On Monday , we were told that we have until Thursday ," Ms. Melnikova said.

A " Dog Rescue " Golf carts will be scouring the Olympic campus , picking up the animals and bring them to the shelter , which is really an outdoor slum dog houses on a hill on the outskirts of the city. It is PovoDog , a pun on the Russian word called povodok , which means a leash.

Lying along a cemetery , at the end of a dirt road and no electricity or running water , the shelter PovoDog been giving shelter to about 80 animals , including a dozen puppies. One is a chocolate - colored Shar - Pei and her two usually Shar - Pei Puppies . Another is a large , red - brown shepherd dog named Kasthan to jump and kiss the home workers, mostly volunteers like .

Local animal rights workers say many of the stray dogs were pets or the descendants of the animals of the families whose houses with gardens were demolished in recent years , to leave room for the Olympic venues , which were offset by new apartments in larger buildings , when keeping a pet is often considered undesirable .

They also say that Russia never a priority of the thrust responsible animal control policies, including castration , which have contributed to the current problems would be created . Prevent

" We have a program of sterilization for dogs," said Nadezhda Mayboroda , a resident of the Sochi working at the shelter . "People are not really trained well , that it is necessary to sterilize home. Their dog person is not responsible at all. "

In recent months, the residents of Sochi reported that he shot dogs with poisoned arrows , threw in a waiting truck. Aleksei Sorokin , the general manager of a pest control company , Basya services , confirmed that his company hired to catch and kill stray animals , say local journalists the work that was needed.
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