Schapelle Corby's mum abuses reporter

Schapelle Corby's mother Rosleigh Rose was popping champagne corks over the media pack outside her Queensland home in the morning — but had only spite to offer after an exclusive interview she gave went to air.

Ms Rose was unhappy with how she was portrayed in the interview, which was broadcast on Channel Seven.
The network was granted access to the family, according to rumours, after paying a large sum of money.
But just after the interview aired Ms Rose was seen storming onto her front steps at Loganlea, in Logan City, and hurling abuse down the street towards the journalist, the Courier-Mail reports.
Ms Rose repeatedly yelled "It's not good enough" and "you know what you did" while pointing at the reporter and swearing she would never talk to her again.
The video footage above shows Ms Rose after she emerged again from the house, accompanied by a woman who identified herself as Schapelle's aunt, to thank supporters after the thank you speech they tried to give through the TV network was apparently cut short.

"This bloody journalist acted like it didn’t happen. I just wanted to say thank you to all Schapelle's supporters," said Ms Rose, who had opted not to be in Bali for her daughter's release from Kerobokan prison because she still did not know if it would happen.
"And especially my beautiful daughter Mercedes that has stayed in Bali to look after Schapelle.
"And I love my girls and that's all I want ... to say thank you to the people who had supported us."
Her fury returned, however, when another journalist asked when she would be joining her daughters.
"I don't know ... I said I don't know, don't you know what ‘I don't know’ means," she yelled.
Ms Rose then strode back inside as the aunt, who said her name was Jenny, answered a couple more questions and explained the family was still very emotional.

"She's just so happy that her daughter is out of prison, and she’s very very emotional now, as we all are," said Jenny.
"She's given an exclusive interview we did before and we've just watched it and nothing has been repeated the way she said. She wanted to thank everybody but they just cut it."
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