The Block: Fans v Faves: twins Alisa and Lysandra Fraser win first room reveal

The South Australian twins snagged 24-and-a-half points for their stylish guest bedroom/study combo to beat other Faves team Brad and Dale (22-and-a-half) as well as Fans Kyal and Kara (22-and-a-half). Chantelle and Steve languished on 21.

Alisa and Lysandra won last year’s The Block: Sky High when their first floor apartment in a former South Melbourne hotel sold for $1.435 million. They netted $395,000 in prize money.
“It (winning first room reveal on Fans v Faves) has given us the confidence to move forward and taken that pressure off,” the twins said.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been so nervous about a room reveal before.”
Alisa and Lysandra had judges Darren Palmer, Shaynna Blaze and Neale Whittaker raving about their room which featured a twin level desk/wardrobe corner set-up.
“They understand quality, they understand design,” Whittaker said. “It is the perfect guest room because it is like a self-contained little unit.”
Brad and Dale toned down their inner-bloke to present a room with a floating bed, niche bedhead set into the wall, and a vibrant piece of swirling artwork.
The only criticism from the judges was that the room would have been better with a full-length mirror.
“This is serene and tranquil,” Palmer enthused.
“I love the simplicity … the art as the focal point … and the proportions of the room,” Whittaker said.

Kyal and Kara have hit the ground running getting a lot of praise for their decision to use underfloor heating.
Kyal made Oregon bedside tables and a floating bookshelf.
“This is a happy room,” Palmer said.
Newbies Chantelle and Steve are the team that is struggling. They failed to finish painting some of their skirting boards in their room which featured a revolving bookshelf/bed combination.
“I don’t like this room,” Whittaker said. “I find it claustrophobic and I find it overwhelming.”
Chantelle was deflated. “It (judges’ comments) made us feel out of our depth,” she said. “We’ve got to toughen up.”
This week the four teams take on three areas — bathroom, laundry, and adjoining terrace.
“The girls (Alisa and Lysandra) are going to be hard competition to beat,” Brad said. “They’ve just come off Sky High and they’ve got their finger on the pulse.”
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